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Geoscientific Model Development An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

Journal subject areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the following index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual topical editors.

Atmospheric sciences Archibald, Bekki, Butler, Colette, Folberth, Gierens, Grewe, Guenther, Jöckel, Kerkweg, Lauer, Long, Mann, Morgenstern, Neale, O'Connor, Pisso, Rémy, Sander, Stenke, Tost, Paul, Unterstrasser, Williams
Biogeosciences Arndt, Folberth, Halloran, Hargreaves, Kato, Lawrence, Lo, Müller, Munhoven, Peylin, Sato, Sierra, van Heerwaarden, Williams, Yool
Climate and Earth system modelling Annan, Colette, Easterbrook, Folberth, Halloran, Hargreaves, Kala, Lawrence, Levy, Lo, Marsh, Marti, Neale, O'Connor, Rémy, Roche, Sierra, Ullrich, Valcke
Cryosphere Fyke, Goldberg, Huybrechts, Roche
Earth and space science informatics Easterbrook, Gross, Ham, Levy, Valcke
Hydrology Jackson, Kala, Neal, van Heerwaarden
Numerical methods Annan, Easterbrook, Gross, Ham, Levy, Maddison, Marras, Pisso, Sandu, Ullrich, Unterstrasser
Oceanography Annan, Halloran, Ham, Hargreaves, Levy, Maddison, Marsh, Roche, Valcke, Yool
Solar–terrestrial science Koller
Solid Earth Gross, Poulet
Publications Copernicus