Changing executive editors at GMD

26 May 2015

The idea for GMD arose in 2006, from discussions on the UK-based GENIE model email list. Dan Lunt encouraged Rolf Sander to join with us, and it was also Dan who formally proposed the idea to the EGU Publications committee. The journal started to accept contributions in 2008, with the founding executive editors: Dan Lunt (chief), James Annan, Julia Hargreaves, Ian Rutt, and Rolf Sander. Sometime later Andy Ridgwell joined the executive board. Once the journal became well established, we introduced a policy to refresh the executive board by replacing executive editors on a regular basis. First to go, in April 2014, was James Annan, who has been replaced by Bob Marsh (but who still remains a topical editor for the journal). In April 2015, both Ian Rutt and Dan Lunt left to be replaced by Astrid Kerkweg and Didier Roche.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan, Ian, and James for all their years of hard work, advertising, and supporting of GMD. And particular thanks to Dan, without whom it is hard to imagine the journal having got off the ground.

The GMD executive editors


Dan Lunt, chief executive editor 2008-2014, executive editor 2014-2015, topical editor 2008-2015, 29 papers edited (3.5% of total).

Ian Rutt, executive editor 2008-2015, topical editor 2008-2015, 23 papers edited (2.8% of total).

James Annan, executive editor 2008-2014, topical editor 2008-present, 26 papers edited (3.1% of total).